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Highly Erodible Watersheds: Russian River Basin, California

This polygon shapefile represents the highly-erodible watersheds of the Russian River basin in California These data have been derived from data originally developed by the Department of Conservation, division of Mines and Geology. Watersheds are on average about 20,000 hectares, or 8000 acres each. They were delineated by subdividing the Department of Water Resources Hydrologic Sub Areas; the actual linework was derived from an early version of CALWATER dataset.Watersheds containing at least 25% private or state-owned commercial timberland were selected for the analysis and are included in the coverage. Watersheds were rated based on slope, precipitation, and lithologic susceptibility to failure.This layer can be used for watershed analysis and planning in the Russian River region of California.
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Sonoma County (Calif.), Mendocino County (Calif.), Russian River Watershed (Calif.)
Watersheds, Erosion, Inland Waters
1999, 2002
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