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Anadromous Stream Restoration Projects (Polygons): Russian River, California, 1981-2002

This polygon shapefile includes habitat improvement projects, research projects (surveys and studies of streams, roads, watersheds), education projects, and hatchery projects (including trapping, spawning, rearing and releasing salmonids). Projects were digitized as polygons when they took place over entire watersheds, in unspecified locations in lakes, or over upslope areas (vegetation management, various erosion stabilization projects). Projects for which the exact location of an instream project were not known were NOT digitized as polygons. Polygon features were created by heads-up digitizing. Locations were taken from representations of stream habitat restoration projects marked on maps included in the paper documentation of the projects. Approximately 12% of projects sites (455/3850) could not be placed at specific locations.This dataset is intended to be a comprehensive repository for anadromous stream restoration projects throughout California.
Circuit Rider Productions
Sonoma County (Calif.), Mendocino County (Calif.), Russian River Watershed (Calif.)
Restoration monitoring (Ecology), Rivers, Environment, Inland Waters
1981, 2002
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