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1-Degree Digital Elevation Model: Monterey Bay, California, 1994

This raster dataset is a 1-degree Digital Elevation Model (DEM) showing Monterey Bay, California. These data were acquired from a DEM of Monterey Bay (monterey_w.dem), originally produced by the USGS. Original data were converted into a lattice grid to produce this layer. This layer is part of the GIS Data of the Monterey Bay collection, a compilation of data and imagery of the Monterey Bay area, including coastline, imagery, and bathymetry.This collection of data provides documented layers of of the Monterey Bay to persons/institutions of interest throughout the research and educational communities. These maps help define the geological variability of the seafloor and provide a detailed framework for future research, monitoring, and management activities. DEM's can be used as source elevation data for digital orthophotos, and, as layers in geographic information systems, for earth science analysis. DEM's can also serve as tools for volumetric analysis, for site location of towers, or for drainage basin delineation.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Monterey Bay (Calif.)
Continental margins, Digital elevation models, Topographic maps, Bathymetric maps, Elevation, Inland Waters, Imagery and Base Maps
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