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Landcover and Vegetation: Russian River Basin, California, 1980-1995

This polygon shapefile contains landuse/landcover data for the Russian River Watershed region of California. These data are derived from the landcover/land use data compiled for the California Gap Analysis Project by the University of Califnia at Santa Barbara and modified by the California Department of Fish and Game's Information Technology Branch GIS Unit. It contains vegetation attributes for landscape scale map units, including canopy dominant species, canopy density, presence of regional endemic species, and inclusion of wetland habitats. Although polygons are classified into several schema (California Natural Diversity Data Base or "Holland" system, California Wildlife Habitat Relationships habitat types), data on presence of dominant canopy species are provided to allow customized classifications to meet a user's needs.This layer can be used for land use analysis and planning in the Russian River region of California.
Circuit Rider Productions
Sonoma County (Calif.), Mendocino County (Calif.), Russian River Watershed (Calif.)
Land use, Land cover, Vegetation surveys, Inland Waters, Biology and Ecology, Imagery and Base Maps
1980, 1995
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