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1-Meter Bathymetric Digital Elevation Model: Elkhorn Slough, California, 2005

This raster dataset is a 1-meter resolution digital elevation model (DEM) containing multibeam bathymetry data for the Elkhorn Slough region of Monterey Bay, California. The survey for Elkhorn Slough was conducted 8/12/2005 - 8/15/2005. Elkhorn Slough, one of the largest remaining coastal wetlands in California, has been directly subjected to tidal scour since the opening of Moss Landing Harbor in 1946. This erosion endangers the habitat of several rare and endangered species and disrupts the wetland ecosystem as a whole. In 2003, the Seafloor Mapping Lab of California State University, Monterey Bay created the most detailed bathymetry model of the Slough to date using a combination of multi-beam sonar, single-beam sonar and aerial photography. This layer was created as part of the California Seafloor Mapping Project.This project was conducted to determine changes in the pattern of erosion and deposition in Elkhorn Slough since surveys conducted in 1993, 2001 and 2003. Adjustments were made to the previously released 1m bathymetry grids to account for a 35cm data shift
Seafloor Mapping Lab
Elkhorn Slough (Calif.), Monterey Bay (Calif.)
Continental margins, Bathymetric maps, Digital elevation models, Elevation, Imagery and Base Maps, Inland Waters
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