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2-Meter Bathymetric Digital Elevation Model: Asilomar, California, 2008

This raster dataset is a 2-meter resolution digital elevation model (DEM) containing multibeam bathymetry data for the Asilomar region of Monterey Bay, California. The survey for Asilomar was conducted on June 14, 2008. This layer was created as part of the California Seafloor Mapping Project. Reson SeaBat 8101 (210 kHz), 8111 (100kHz), 7125 (400 kHz) and 7111 (100 kHz) multibeam echo sounders are used for sonar data acquisition (calibrated via NOAA standard patch test). The high-resolution (dense) data acquired by these multibeam systems provides 100% coverage of the seafloor within the surveyed areas. Multibeam bathymetry provides the basic raw data being used by CSMP to define topographical features such as sediment interfaces, rock outcrops, and important seafloor habitat. Marine data offered here represent the efforts of a comprehensive state waters mapping program for California launched by the California State Coastal Conservancy, Ocean Protection Council, Department of Fish and Game, and the NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program. The ultimate goal is the creation of a high-resolution geologic and habitat base map series covering all of California's 14,500 km2 state waters out to the 3 mile limit, and support of the state's Marine Life Protection Act Initiative (MLPA) goal to create a statewide network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). This statewide project requires, involves and leverages expertise from industry, resource management agencies and academia. The tiered mapping campaign involves the use of state-of-the-art sonar, LIDAR (aerial laser) and video seafloor mapping technologies; computer aided classification and visualization; expert geologic and habitat interpretations codified into strip maps spanning California's land/sea boundary; and the creation of an online, publicly accessible data repository for the dissemination of all mapping products.
Seafloor Mapping Lab
Monterey Bay (Calif.)
Continental margins, Bathymetric maps, Digital elevation models, Elevation, Imagery and Base Maps, Inland Waters
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