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Land Use and Landcover of Alluvial Areas: Russian River Main Stem, Middle Reach, Sonoma County, California, 1942

This polygon shapefile describes the landuse and landcover of the Middle Reach of the Russian River in 1942. The Middle Reach extent is defined by the Wohler Bridge and the Healdsburg, 101 bridge. This dataset is one of six datasets that together, form the GIS data for the Russian River Resource Enhancement Plan and Public Access Plan (Enhancement Plan).Each of the .shp files listed above is intended to be linked to a .dbf using the 'ACADTEXT' attribute column. The .dbf files were created as a part of the original Enhancement Plan, not the Russian River Watershed GIS.Link this file with hab3_42.dbf for landuse/landcover informationThis layer can be used for land use analysis and planning in the Russian River region of California.
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Sonoma County (Calif.), Mendocino County (Calif.), Russian River Watershed (Calif.)
Land use, Land cover, Vegetation surveys, Biology and Ecology, Imagery and Base Maps, Inland Waters
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