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Change in Wildlife Density in Rangelands of Kenya, 1977-1978 to 1994-1996

This polygon shapefile shows changes in wildlife density in Kenya's rangelands between 1977-78 and 1994-96. Many places in Kenya experienced gains in wildlife density between the 1970s and the 1990s, with sites of most rapid recovery concentrated in southwest Narok District, near the Masai Mara Game Reserve; in Kajiado District, near Amboseli National Park; in Laikipia District, northwest of Mount Kenya National Park; and in selected areas near the coast in Lamu District. Sites with sharp declines in wildlife density are found throughout large parts of central Narok District, south of Nairobi in Kajiado District, northern Laikipia District, locations along the Samburu-Laikipia border, and in Isiolo and Garissa Districts near the Wajir border. Note: To estimate changes in wildlife densities, species numbers are aggregated (using TLUs) to squares of 10 km by 10 km and then averaged by square kilometer for each reference period. The wildlife counts include 21 different large grazing animals that can be observed during low-altitude flights.This data was used in Map 5.12 in Nature's Benefits in Kenya: An Atlas of Ecosystems and Human Well-Being.
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1977, 1978, 1994, 1995, 1996
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