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Cabo San Lucas: AGEB Boundaries and 2010 Census Data

This polygon shapefile represents population counts and associated households in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), as well as the age, sex, education, and birthplace of the population, among other data. Characteristics of households, such as the material with which they are constructed and services received, are also included. These data are made available at the AGEB (census tract) level, Source data were gathered by more than 106,000 interviewers who traveled across Mexico to visit each dwelling and ask questions of the occupants. Metropolitan zones delimitation based on cartography geostatistics was used to input this data into a GIS system.These data are intended for geographic display and analysis at the city level. No responsibility is assumed by the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia or LeadDog Consulting.
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Mexico, Cabo San Lucas (Baja California Sur, Mexico)
Census, Population, Households, Sex ratio, Age, Society, Boundaries
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