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Acoustic Reflexivity (Backscatter) Image: Ascension Slope, Monterey Bay, California, 1998

This GeoTIFF contains multibeam backscatter (acoustic reflexivity) imagery extracted from gridded bathymetry data of the Ascension Slope region of Monterey Bay, California. Original bathymetric data were collected in 1998 using a 30kHz hull-mounted Simrad EM300 multibeam echo sounder system. Grids for this coverage area have cell size of 40 meters. This layer is part of the MBARI Monterey Bay Multibeam Survey collection, a compilation of data and imagery of the Monterey Bay and the adjacent seafloor, including coastline, imagery, and bathymetry. This collection of data provides documented layers of of the Monterey Bay to persons/institutions of interest throughout the research and educational communities. These maps help define the geological variability of the seafloor and provide a detailed framework for future oceanographic research, monitoring, and management activities.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Monterey Bay (Calif.)
Bathymetric maps, Multibeam mapping, Digital elevation models, Imagery and Base Maps, Inland Waters
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